From the main highway approaching the village of Tuzla you might notice steam coming out of the rocks with pools of water and small streams. The water here has a high salt content and there are thermal springs in Tuzla. If you venture into the old village you will be able to see the source. Be careful as the water is quite hot.

Tuzla is situated in the Ayvacik district of Canakkale. It is 94 km from Canakkale and just 31 km from Ayvacik. To reach it most traffic follows the signs for Gulpinar from Ezine. If you follow the coastal road from Tavakli Iskelesi towards Gulpinar you will pass through Kosedere, Babadere, and finally reach Tuzla. The village is located on both sides of the main road. It isn’t much to look at if you are just passing through but there is more to Tuzla than you might think at first hand.

Tuzla as a settlement has been around for 700 years. It was originally known as Kızılcatuzla and was once the administrative centre for the region during Ottoman times. The historic mosque which was built by Murad Hüdavendigar is still in use today and is currently being renovated.

In and around Tuzla you will find agriculture plays an important part for the local economy. Olive trees, tomatoes, peppers and aubergine are grown in the fields around Tuzla. The village has a number of shops and some motor repair outlets.
If you drive around the village you will come across the Tuzla stream. Cross over the bridge and pass under the large thermal piples that cross over the road. Stay on this road for a couple of kilometres and you will come across the remains of an old Roman bridge.

The bridge is thought to have been built in the 2nd century AD. Much of it is buried underground so you don’t get to appreciate the full size of it but once a river would have flowed under this bridge which formed part of the sacred road from Alexandria Troas to Apollo Smintheon. This bridge is also one of the recommended historic places of interest for hikers enjoying the Troy Culture route which runs 120 km from Troy Museum to Assos.

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