The town of Gulpinar is 22 km or about a half hours drive from Tavakli which is about the same distance as it is to Ezine from Tavakli village. It would be very easy to just drive through the centre of Gulpinar and miss out on what is actually here.

As you come towards the town there is a right hand turn by the petrol station which if you were to follow would take you to a busy fishing marina and small beach, something we featured on our coast to coast series.

Just a little further up the main road as you are coming into the town you will see the signpost for Apollo Smintheon the ancient temple and archealogical site which is the main reason why people come to Gulpinar in the first place. If you check our playlist you will find a separate video on this important historical site but this video is about the town of Gulpinar.

Gulpinar has one busy block paved high street passing right through the centre of the town. There are several restaurants, a guest house and all manor of small shops and stores including a new 101 supermarket. It is also a town that is developing as you can see from the number of new builds taking shape in the town. As you leave the town you will find that the road forks into two with the Babakale road to your right and the Assos road straight on. Babakale is only about 15 minutes or 9km away by car. Although Gulpinar does not have its own beach and is not really a coastal town it is still fairly near to the sea. Anyone living here only needs to take a short journey along the Babakale road to reach the coast the beaches along this route. Assos is about half an hour away, some 26km in distance.

Saturdays is market day in the town and it gets fairly busy with a large market near the old mosque. Get there early morning for the best selection of goods but don’t leave it much past lunchtime or the market will have packed up and gone.

The largest mosque in the town is the Ensari mosque with its beautiful mosaic walls. The oldest mosque is the Gulpinar mosque which was built in 1890.
Just behind the town towards the sea, up on a hill you will see a restored windmill. This is a great place to stop for a break, admire the coastal view and have some of their tasty potato gozleme and a tea or coffee.

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