Our next stop is Yenikoy. By all accounts you might expect this to be a major tourist destination. The coastline is spectacular with its long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The village has a nice park with some amazing views of the coast and the island of Bozcaada in the distance.

By the habour there is a beach and a cafeteria which does get popular with locals and visitors from Canakkale at the weekends. Travel a bit further up the coast just outside Yenikoy and you read Papaz Beach, the priest’s beach. Currently this is a natural beach close to a wooded shady area, sheltered by a small peninsular. It is only a matter of time before it gets discovered and we can only hope that it doesn’t get damaged by mass tourism. If you like beaches and swimming in the sea then this is definitely the place to spend a relaxing day and lose yourself in the natural beauty that this area has to offer.

This long coastline through to Geyikli and beyond has some beautiful examples of the Turkish coast at its best. Unspoiled by mass tourism and often without any commercial trappings, the secluded coves and expanse of sand enables the visitor to escape from the commercialism associated with most seaside resorts. The fact that Canakkale is not known for its excellent beaches is a bonus.

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