Perhaps one of the most strange beaches along this coastline is the small cove at Akçansa. With its sandy beach and sheltered waters the landscape is blighted by the cement factory nearby. Not that people seem to mind. The days when cement factories churned out dust are long gone and the natural state of the beach is unaffected by its close proximity.

There are numerous diving schools in and around Canakkale. The waters here are excellent for divers. Whilst we were here there were divers in the cove exploring the seabed.

Move a little further down the coast and there is another beach and small harbour wall. Apart from the camping facilities and café area this is another beach where you can relax and chill away from the crowds.

Before we get to Geyikli we reach the forest area of Kumburun with its long sandbank stretching out towards Bozcaada. This forested area with its small beaches and coves is a popular destination for those on holiday on a budget. Wild camping is popular here. There are no facilities at all. Everything you need you will need to take with you.

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