Euromos is situated on the Soke to Milas road about 12 km from the outskirts of Milas and 50 km from Bodrum. There is plenty of car parking space and the site has toilet facilities and a cafe. After paying the small entrance fee or using your museum pass, you will find this impressive collection of structures nestling amongst the olive groves.

The Temple of Zeus is particularly spectacular and approximately 15 x 27m in size. It is said to be one of the best preserved temples in Turkey. It would originally have been constructed around 500 BC but the pillars and some buildings are from a later date, approx 120 AD. Visitors are not able to wander around inside the temple area and it is fenced off for safety.

Further up the hill you will see the city walls and enter the city where the rest of the ruins can be seen. The theatre is being excavated and when we visited you could see the various layers that they were working on. It is very much in ruins but the excavated area with the stone showing underneath the ground gives you the impression of a new construction because it has been so well preserved. There are also several other scattered ruins which are hard to identify as anything specific. There are the remains of a large market place or agora which measures around 95 x 83 metres in size. This city would have been surrounded by city walls and defence towers.

Shards of terra cotta have helped date the ruins back to the 6th century BC. The Carian rock tombs can also be seen at the top of the hill. The city is known to have minted its own coins when it was under the control of the Romans. This would have been an important city of Caria in ancient times when it would have been known as Kyramos or Hyramos ( meaning strong in Greek ).

In 2021 two large 2,500 year old marble statues were found along with an inscription which has yet to be deciphered. Both had a lion in their hands and whilst one was naked the other was wearing protective leather armour and military dress.

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