Milas was once the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Caria. Today the city is a mix of old and new but offers an alternative to the normal beach holiday resorts. It has so much to offer. Situated just 65 km from Bodrum, 120 km from Selçuk, and 23 km from the Aegean coast, there are no less than 27 archaeological sites and ruins in the area.

Milas is the kind of place you can visit all year round. The natural beauty of the local area and its unique history will captivate the visitor. Milas has 5000 years of history and it has seen the civilizations of Caria, Helen, Rome, Byzantine and the Ottomans. Unfortunately, most people are just passing through and they will miss a lot. It is not focused on tourism in the same way as its coastal neighbours but it does have a few hotels and good restaurants.

The local economy is centred around agriculture and aquaculture, but the importance of tourism is growing. It is also famous for its carpets and you can see the carpet weavers busy at work making these beautiful and unique hand made carpets.

You should also visit the Mausoleum of Hecatomnus at the Uzunyuva Mausoleum and Museum Complex. Here you can see a restored Mansion House originally built in 1890 and decorated to illustrate how it might have looked in Ottoman times. There are eight restored Ottoman buildings here which include the Carpet Museum. Milas is famous for its alaborate Turkish weddings. Wandering around the town of Milas is like walking through an open air museum. It is a fascinating town and worth spending time there if you can.

14 km away in the hills of Milas is the ancient city of Labranda. It doesn’t get too many visitors because getting there involves a bit of a hike and a climb. There are also many other historic and archaeological sites in and around Milas. Don’t miss Bafa Lake and the ruins at Euromos.

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