Welcome to our website which supports our You Tube Channel “Turkish Travels”. Thank you for following our journey. This blog gives a detailed account of the places we visit.

Aizanoi Temple of Zeus

We start our trip to Kütahya with a visit to the historic Roman ruins of Aizanoi with the Temple of Zeus near the village of Çavdarhisar. The site is about 60 km from the Kütahya city centre and to the south on the road to Uşak. Surprisingly, and given its significance, this site is not…


We start our tour of Kütahya at the Government Offices or Vali Konağı. This fairly central location is near Germiyan Street with its 250 year old historical buildings and with easy access and walking distance to most of the city museums. Kütahya is a fairly conservative city with a fascinating mix of old and new….


Eskişehir gets its name from the words eski “old” and şehir “city”. Eskişehir is 233 km from Ankara and 340 km from Istanbul. Despite its name the city has a very young population and it is a vibrant modern city split in two by the Porsuk Creek, a branch of the Sakarya river. This capital…

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