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Welcome to our website which supports our You Tube Channel “Turkish Travels”. Thank you for following our journey. This blog gives a detailed account of the places we visit. We have also included videos from a number of sources which help to illustrate just how diverse and beautiful this country is.

If you have a video or information that compliments what we already show on this website then please get in contact with us. Our aim is to showcase the best of Turkey and life and lifestyles in this great nation of Türkiye.


Yenifoça means “New Foca”. The town is situated just 20 km from the more well known Foça or Eski Foça, meaning “Old Foca” and 80 km from the city of İzmir. This delightful coastal resort with its harbour and sea promenade, is very popular with Turkish citizens seeking second homes. It can get quite busy […]


Manisa is both a province and a capital city. In Greek times this city would have been known as Magnesia. It is situated inland just 40 km from Izmir. This modern and vibrant Aegean city has a rich history that dates back as far as 500 BC although settlements would have been here well before […]


Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” is one of the most famous sites in Turkey. It is popular with tourists all year round. The carbonate mineral which which is deposited by the hot thermal spring waters, forms a white deposit, which cascades over the terraces to form this world famous natural phenomenon. Situated just 17 km from […]

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