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Welcome to our website which supports our You Tube Channel “Turkish Travels”. Thank you for following our journey. This blog gives a detailed account of the places we visit. We have also included videos from a number of sources which help to illustrate just how diverse and beautiful this country is.

If you have a video or information that compliments what we already show on this website then please get in contact with us. Our aim is to showcase the best of Turkey and life and lifestyles in this great nation of Türkiye.

Zeki Müren Museum

Zeki Müren was born in December 1931. He was a famous Turkish singer and song writer. He also composed music, acted and was known for his poetry and painting. In 1991 he became the first singer in Turkey to receive a gold certification and was named a “State Artist”. Born in Bursa, the only child…

Ephesus Museum

The Ephesus Archaeological Museum, or Efes Museum in Turkish, is best visited prior to going to any of the local archaelogical sites. It is located at the start of the main highway to Ephesus and near the Temple of Artemis by the Tourism Office. Many of the statues, stones, and artifacts from nearby Ephesus can…


The site of the ancient city of Metropolis is some 14 km outside of the city of Torbali. Surprisingly, for such an important classical city, you would think that it would be a busy destination for tourists. However, when we were there in mid September there was no one else around. There are ample parking…

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