The Key Museum

Anyone who knows Turkey well enough can confirm that when it comes to restoring old vehicles, the Turks know a thing or two. Totally off subject I know, but this place reminds me of the tractor museum in Canakkale, purely because of the standard of restoration. We have a separate video on that. The cars at the Key Museum look like they have just rolled off the production line.

This is one of the largest classical car museums in Turkey and certainly one of the best. The collection was started by the The Özgörkey brothers. Initially from humble beginings, it has expanded, and it is housed in a 7000 square metres dedicated hanger of a building, called the Key Museum. Notice that the last three letters of the brothers surname contains the word “key”.

You can watch our video on the town of Torbali but this museum is most definitely one of two main places to visit if you are anywhere near the town. The other of course is the ancient historical site of Metropolis.

The museum is situated about 7 or 8 km out of town so you will either need to take a taxi or have your own transport. The museum is not open on Mondays or Tuesdays but it is open every other day from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

The first thing that strikes you about the museum as you approach it is the sheer size. With ample parking the brand new looking building hides the delights that lie within. Opened in 2015, the growing collection features over 100 cars and 40 motorcycles, as well as an extensive collection of thousands of model cars. When you walk through the doors into the first hall you really do get that wow factor. The ambience of the place and the professionalism with regard to the presentation of the displays just goes to portray the level of enthusiasm and dedication that the two brothers have put into this museum.

There are all types of vehicles and prestigious marques here from the earliest of automobiles to some more modern classics. There is a retro cafe bar and a collection depicting Shell petrol pumps and accessories from the 1900’s onwards. I won’t list my favourite car since that is for you to decide and everyones favourite will be different but this is certainly the place to spend a good couple of hours or more. If you are a petrol head car enthusiast you will be in your element here.

As you walk around this museum it will bring back memories for many people. A lot of the cars you will have seen in movies or even owned one of them perhaps if you are older. This really is a very special place. Each exhibit has been lovingly and painstakingly restored to its former glory. I cannot recommend this museum enough. Torbali may seem a little off the beaten track but it is actually just 30 km from Adnan Menderes Airport, 45 km from Izmir, and 40 km from Ephesus. The ancient site of Metropolis is just 14 km away.

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