Yenifoça means “New Foca”. The town is situated just 20 km from the more well known Foça or Eski Foça, meaning “Old Foca” and 80 km from the city of İzmir. This delightful coastal resort with its harbour and sea promenade, is very popular with Turkish citizens seeking second homes. It can get quite busy at weekends and peak holiday times.

Most foreign tourists will tend to visit Eski Foça but Yenifoça does have a unique charm of its own. Many of the houses in the town are typically Ottoman or Greek in style. If you wander around the backstreets off the main promenade you can the different types of architecture.

This small town used to be larger than its nearby neighbour Foça. The Genoese leased the land and occupied the area as a trading colony from 1275 until Ottoman times. Under the Genoese it would have been known as Foglia Nuova. The Ottoman and Venetian naval battle took place here in 1649 during the Cretan war as the two fought for the control of Greece.

The beach at Yenifoça stretches along the bay and main promenade. It is a mixture of pebble and sand. All around the local area you can find secluded coves and more private beaches. Many of these are best accessed by boat. There are plenty of opportunities to hire one or take the organised boat trips.

There are plenty of good restaurants, bars and cafes here. You can also find accommodation, but it is better to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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