Didim is a small holiday resort in the province of Aydin. It sits between Kuşadası and Bodrum, being approx 80 km from Kusadasi and 115 km from Bodrum. The town is on the northern side of the Gulf of Güllük. Didim is known for its excellent sandy beaches and is a very popular holiday destination. It is also surrounded by historic sites.

The sand and pebbled beaches around Didim stretch for some 50 km along the Aegean coast. The favourite and most well known beach is at Altınkum ( Golden Sands ). There are three local beaches that have been awarded Blue Flag status. Didim has something for everyone. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs in the evenings. Tourism is the main source of income but cotton and farming play an important role in the surrounding countryside.

Legend has it that Didim is the birthplace of the God Apollo, and the ancient ruins of Didyma which are actually in the town, are well known for the Temple of Apollo and the marble head of Medusa. Within easy striking distance of Didim for day trips you have the Lake Bafa, Priene and Miletus, not to mention the fact that there is a daily ferry service from Bodrum. You can also visit Ephesus on a day trip.

Didim has everything you could need for a perfect holiday, the only cavaet to its charms that it can get quite busy at weekends and national holiday times.

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