Zeus Altarı

So, onwards now to Zeus Alter. Up on a mountain hillside overlooking the Aegean coast and near to the village of Adatepe we need to park up and then walk the 800m up an incline to the large rock from which there are some magnificent coastal views below. To get there and back you are looking at a walk of just over 1.5 km but take your time. It’s worth it for sure and it is a very pleasant walk through pine forest.

If you don’t fancy the walk there are often horses for hire by locals which will make your journey a little easier and provide for a good photo opportunity.

When you get to the Alter look out for the strange trees nearby adorned with ribbons made of plastic and other materials. Apparently people make a wish and tie their decorations to the nearby trees much as you would make a wish by throwing a coin into a wishing well.

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