Set up high in the mountain behind Zeus Altar is this beautiful village with its ornate stone houses. Once a temporary home to Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy the tales of Homer’s Iliad and the ancient civilisations of this region are a reminder of the times when both Turks and Greeks lived peacefully together.

The old stone houses here are protected by law and are accepted as an important cultural and natural heritage. Of the original villagers there are now only around 17 families left. Busy in the summer months it becomes tranquil and quiet in the winter season when all the affluent home owners have gone back to the main cities. Property prices here in this village are extremely high even by Turkish standards since the cost of restoration using traditional materials is expensive. Add to this the desirable location factor and you can start to understand the inflated prices that you would need to pay to live here. Around 400,000 euros for a property here would not be that unusual.

The stone paved streets and beautiful houses set this village apart from other less affluent villages nearby. With the small souvenir shops, boutique hotels and cafes and restaurants this is a popular destination for tourists and it can get quite crowded in peak season.

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