Longoz Forest

The Marmara Region of Turkey has the largest forest in Europe. The Igneada Longoz Forest National Park is an absolute paradise of greenery and lush forest vegetation. During the winter months the forests can become completely water logged. This spectacular area of natural beauty has a variety of ecosystems consisting of a wide range of plants, animals and fish, which make it a one of the destinations you should not miss if you are visiting Turkey.

The National Park which was opened in 2007 is famous for its rich oxygen levels and range of wildlife. With its seven lakes it is home to 30 species of fish. Mert Lake is popular with tourists during the summer months and hikers and campers can be found at the other lakes enjoying the great outdoors. This is a walkers paradise.

The forest covers a huge area. You can wander through it for hours on end and lose yourself in the calming atmosphere where you will feel at one with nature. There are many hiking trails and a ruined castle. The Dupnisa Caves within the forest are also a major attraction for tourists. Be aware that in the height of the summer season, particularly in June and July there can be many mosquitos so be sure to take a mosquito repellent or you might find it a little unpleasant.

This forest covers a large area of the Kirklareli region. The forest canopies run right up to the coastal beaches and provide a magnificent backdrop. Exploring this area and being able to fully appreciate its size and diversity will take you at least 3 or 4 days. This is not something that you can rush in a day.

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