Kıyıköy, like its nearby Igneada, is a small coastal town in the Kirklareli province. Situated on the Black Sea Coast it is 95 km from the city of Kırklareli. It established its own municipality in 1987 and the town benefits from fishing and forestry as well as tourism during the summer months. There is a small beach and the surrounding area is covered by dense forest which is part of the Longoz Forest National Park.

The Kazandere and Pabuçdere streams flow around the town and into the Black sea and provide for fishing, swimming and boating. Nearby along the coast is the Kasatura Bay Nature Reserve with a harbour and beach of its own. The onshore terminal of the Turkish Stream pipeline from Russia is expected to be build along this stretch of coastline.

Kiyikoy used to be known as Midye under the Greeks, and it has changed hands several times having been under the occupation of the Russians, Bulgarians and Greeks. With the population exchange following the end of the Greek Turkish war in 1923, the mainly Greek and Bulgarian residents were replaced by Turkish residents from Thessaloniki.

Just 800 m from the town is the St Nicholas Monastery ( Aya Nikolas Manastiri ) which is a Byzantine Orthodox monastery that was renovated in 1856. Also the remains of the Kıyıköy Fortress which would originally have surrounded the town can be seen in various locations , the Vize Gate having been renovated in 1991. The actual mmonstery was cut into the cliff and is interesting to see along with the remnants of the old walls. There is a small harbour and several places to stay and eat.

Kıyıköy is a small but relaxing place. It gets its fair share of tourists from Istanbul and it is an ideal location to unwind and relax. You would probably want to spend no more than a day here as a tourist or back packer.

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