İnegöl, in the province of Bursa, is a city with a population of around 300.000. It is famous for its speciality dish of meatballs called Inegöl köfte, said to have been brought to the region by Bosnian immigrants during the Balkan wars. The city is a major centre for furniture making and has a number of well known furniture manufacturers who are based here. With a vibrant and bustling community and every amenity you would expect, Inegol is a city that you should try to include on your travels. Inegol’s furniture mall, the first of its kind in Turkey, has over 200 shops representing the furniture manufacturers of Inegol, who make 50% of all the furniture sold in Turkey. The impressive Mobiliyum Mobilya AVM ( Furniture Mall ) is most definitely worth visiting.

The Inegol Kent Muzesi ( City Museum ), is housed in the old municipality building which is around 150 years old. Having been renovated and restored to its original condition, it is now home to a collection of artifacts and antiques from around the region. The museum archive has over 15,000 documents and an extensive collection of photographs depicting life in and around Inegol.

Inegol has its own covered mall or Kapali Carsi as well as the Caferpasa Hani with additional shops. The İshak Pasha Mosque, which is located near the Kapali Carsi, was built in Ottoman times in 1486. Inegol is much quieter than Bursa or Eskisehir but it does have its fair share of tourists, both local and foreign, who are either passing through or who stop for a day or so.

Inegol is not far from the Uludag skiing resort near Bursa and also close to the Oylat village which has a nearby waterfall and thermal springs as well as cave.

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İnegöl Öğretmenevi, Adnan Menderes Bulvarı Kemalpaşa Mahallesi Osman Balcı Sokak No:13 İnegöl Bursa.
Tel: 0224 711 28 00.

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