Oylat Village

Oylat Village is is located in an evergreen forest area between two valleys. This beautiful location is also home to one of Turkey’s most well known spa centres. Surrounded by forest, mountains and waterfalls, with panoramic views of the countryside, this idyllic location is just 27 km from Inegol. The Oylat Thermal Resort ( there are four thermal hotels here ), offers modern accommodation and spa waters which are said to relieve the pain or symptoms of several illnesses.

Within close proximity of the village there is also a cave and a waterfall, both on opposite sides of the village but not far away. The cave can be found within the spa resort. Ideal for ailments such as asthma and bronchitis a part of the cave is open to visitors. It will take you about an hour to tour the cave which was only discovered in 2004. With its colourful stalactites and stalagmites, the cave is home to bats and even some butterflies.

At nearby Babasultan village you can see the waterfalls and cross the little wooden bridges as you navigate the streams and creeks of this area of natural beauty. There is a bit of a steep climb to reach the waterfall but on your return you can lounge around in the hot springs and take a swim.

With its forest and hilly terrain the temperature around Oylat drops several degrees so you can imagine how popular this place gets on hot summer days. There are some good hotels and restaurants here and there is also a public hamam. The market stalls sell a range of organic fruits and vegetables and home made jam is also sold here.

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