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Readers should be aware that there are two Parion Hotels now and some of the reviews here are mixed with the older hotel which is a five star hotel of a much better quality.

The hotel we stayed at is very central near the main Ferry Terminal. As a location this is in an excellent position. However, our booking came about as a result of a mix up with another hotel who were anxious to get us booked in somewhere.

We arrived at midnight. Reception consists of a desk in a small glass fronted lobby area. You have to lug your baggage up one flight of stairs to a mini elevator which then takes you to the required floor. Even then, those on the final floor have to lug their cases up another floor once again to reach their room.

Our room was on the roof and whilst OK in terms of general cleanliness but one of the pillow cases was not very clean. The room was stuffy and airless. When you opened the door to what should probably have been a balcony you find that the balcony exists but has been enclosed by a tin roof so there is absolutely no view whatsoever from this enclosed and stuffy little bunker.

Everything else in the hotel works well enough but we were pretty happy to vacate it in the morning and move to the hotel that we had booked. Breakfast was fairly mediocre by Turkish standards with some of the selection having run out and not been replaced even at 8:30 am in the morning.

This hotel does not really deserve the star rating that it has. It would not be my choice again if staying in Canakkale.

(0286) 222 02 22
İsmet Paşa Mh. Demircioğlu Cd. No : 130, 17000