Sarayköy is a town just 20 km from Denizli in the Denizli province. It is situated by the Menderes River on a plain between the mountains. It is not a very large town and relies very much on agriculture and textile production for its income.

Prior to becoming a town, it was known as the village of Sarıbey after a Turkem chief that settled here with his tribe in the 14th century. Historically, it was also a town known for putting up a fierce resistance against the Greek Army in the war of Independence.

Interestingly, the town has a heated water supply from a geothermal power station in the nearby village of Kızıldere which provides the heat for 5000 homes in the town. Dry ice and bottled carbon dioxide is produced here too. There is a large cotton processing plant in the town and limestone quarrying and coal mining also provide employment locally.

This market town and central trading location for the surrounding countryside is not a town visited by many tourists. People may stop on the main highway as they travel to other locations but they tend not to stop in the town itself. There are no great attractions here other than perhaps the Ahmetli Bridge over the Menderes River which is abot 15 km out of town and which dates back to the Roman era.

The town can boast one big claim to fame in that one of Turkey’s most famous singers, Sezen Aksu, was born here.

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