Nazilli is a large town in Aydın Province. Situated on the Menderes River it is just 47 km from the city of Aydin. It is an agricultural town that has figs and cotton as its main crops, along with olives and wheat.

There is a story relating to Nazilli and its previous name of Pazarköy ( meaning market place ). Legend has it that the son of Aydin’s governor during the Ottoman period, fell in love with a young lady from Pazarköy. Rejected by the girls father, the young man went on to name the town Nazli’s home. Whether this is true or not or whether it gets its name from the settlements of Oghuz Turks we will probably never know.

What we do know is that during the Ottoman Empire the two villages of Cuma Yeri and Pazarköy were on the present site of the town which became referred to as Nazliköy.

Nazilli is a blend of old and new. It has everything that you would expect a town of this size to have. It has a couple of shopping malls at Uzun Çarşı and Bamboo Mall and 3 main parks. This is not a popular tourist town and there is little in the way of attractions for tourists in the town itself.

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