Aydın is both a city and the name of Aydın province. The city of Aydın lies in a valley of the Meander River. Both Selçuk and Söke are both around 60 km away. Nazilli is 44 km and Denizli is 130 km. Aydin is a key trunk route and main route linking Izmir with the towns and cities inland. A motorway ( and a railway ) ensures that Izmir, which is only 112 km away, can be reached in under an hour, and the Adnan Menderes Airport is even closer.

We have featured many of the historic places in Aydin province on this website. The region has a lot of history and archaelogical sites. The coastal area are popular with tourists. Agriculture provides much of the income for the residents of Aydin. The land is fertile and with good yields. Aydin is known for the quality of its figs and it exports them all around the world. Cotton is also an important crop.

In ancient times the city would have been known as Tralles after the ancient site nearby and in later times it would have been referred to as Güzelhisar, meaning beautiful castle. The city has been here since the 2nd century AD. They city has a very large Archaeological Museum with an extensive collection of artifacts.

Aydın has a number of Spas the most well known one being Aydin Spa with its open air pool and indoor pools.

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