When we visited Datca we took the ferry from Bodrum. The journey time is 1 hour 45 minutes and whilst this is quite a small ferry boat it does take vehicles too. This saves you a 3 hour drive and it is a very relaxing way to travel with plenty of spectacular scenery along route.

Datça is a popular tourist town in the province of Muğla. It is 70 km from Marmaris where the Datca peninsular is regarded as the point at which the sea of the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. Jutting out into the sea and surrounded on three sides, this once quiet fishing town is in demand during the summer months when those seeking to avoid the hustle and bustle of Marmaris tend to head towards Datca instead.

In the old part of Datca ( Eski Datca ), you can see the old stone houses and restored properties which are now the homes of wealthy locals or foreigners who have bought property here. If you have a car, the long sandy beach of Gebekum is 4 km out of town. At Kizlan village, which is 8 km away, you can see the famous Datca windmills.

There has been a settlement at Datça for hundreds of years. The Greeks, Romans, Persians and Ottomans have all put their stamp on this beautiful place. The nature of the surrounding area, and the crystal clear sea, adds to the charm of this picturesque town. Datca gets its name from Stadia, an ancient town called Knidos ( Cnidus ) which is about an hours drive from Datca and 35 km away. It was later referred to as Dadya before finally becoming Datça.

Datca is known for its local produce and fish. The restaurants offer some excellent culinary delights and there are some very nice cafes and hotels with such magnificent sea views. You can stare out to sea and enjoy those evening sunsets as you take in the clean fresh sea air. Datca is a great place to spend some time and unwind. It offers a much calmer and less frantic lifestyle than some of its larger neighbours do.

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