Doğanbey village is 28 km from Söke so its just a half an hours drive away. If you are coming from Kuşadası then its about 68 km and double the time to reach it. The village is one of the best examples of Turkish and Greek architecture that you will find in Turkey. Most of the buildings have been lovingly restored by their well off owners and visitors can see traditional Greek and Turkish homes in a picturesque backdrop.

Doğanbey dates back to the 7th century. Its Greek name was Domatia. The village nestles in the southern end of the Dilek Peninsula National Park ( Dilek Yarımadası-Büyük Menderes Deltası Millî Parkı ). The site of the village is new since the old part of the village was ruined by an earthquake in 1959 and completely abandoned.

The beautiful clean streets, spectacular views of the Aegean, and the slow paced relaxed atmosphere of Doğanbey make this a very special place. During the summer months it is busy and inhabited by the owners who mostly use the homes as summer houses. In the winter season there are not many people around at all.

Don’t expect lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. There are none. This is a residential village and has not developed commercially which is a good thing. You are unlikely to get pestered by hawkers here.

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