Dardanos & Güzelyalı

From Canakkale we are going to take a look at the coastline through to Geyikli. Most people would just take the main highway through to Ezine or Geyikli rather than the coast road.  Canakkale is not particularly well known for its coastline but surprisingly it does have a lot to offer if you know where to go.

As you come out of Canakkale you can join the coast road at Kepez by the Kepez harbour and port area or just stay on the main road which will take you passed Aqualand the water fun park for kids of all ages. The road will take you through to Dardenos, a seafront beach and escape for those escaping the busy city. With its bars, restaurants, hotels and cafes this is the start of our journey towards Geyikli.

Dardenos soon runs into Guzelyali. There are some good beaches here as you can see in the film. It is very much a holiday atmosphere full of new holiday homes and some permanent residents who live here all year round, preferring it to life in the city.

We are very near the entrance to the Dardenelles here, that important international waterway that became the reason for the Gallipoli campaign in the first world war. Across the water you can see the European side of Turkey from the Asian side on which we stand now. This is such an important trade route with large ships of all shapes and kinds passing through on a frequent basis.

On the hillside in the background you can just make out the wind generators. The countryside is much greener than the Mediterranean part of Turkey and the sea is crystal clear and generally unspoiled.

We drove up the main highway a little so that we could get these shots of Dardenos and Guzelyali before rejoining the coast road.

As we move out of Guzelyali the road continues along a beautiful coastal route, passing through smaller communities of holiday villages with some wonderful sandy beaches. Looking across the straits we can see the war memorial dedicated to the lives of the Turkish soldiers who were lost in the Gallipoli Campaign.  This imposing structure at the mouth of the straights is a solemn reminder of the tragedy of wars.

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