Lüleburgaz is a city in the Kırklareli Province. It is a modern and well developed city with good amenities and everything that you would expect in terms of infrastructure and services. It lies on the E80 motorway approximately half way between Silivri and Edirne. This is an alternative stop over location for those heading to or from the Bulgarian border but there is not much to do and you would not normally stay here for longer than a day as a tourist.

The city is known for its sixteenth century bridge and mosque. They are named after the Grand Vizier Sokullu Mehmat Pasa and designed by the famous Ottoman Architect Mimar Sinan. The mosques was built between 1565 and 1570 and it is part of a large complex comprising a madras, hamam, primary school and caravanserai.

The local economy is industrial and agricultural. There are factories and food processing plants around the city.

Where to stay

Lüleburgaz Öğretmenevi, Koca Sinan Mahallesi Stad Sok. No:2 Lüleburgaz. Tel: 0288 412 27 87.

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