Roman Aquaduct

So we passed through Pinarbasi and onwards to the main Canakkale Izmir highway where we turned left and then just half a km or so ahead there is a place selling second hand window frames. You will turn right here and it is signposted as Kemerdere Su Kemeri ( Thymbrios ). Follow this tarmac road through to Akcapinar village where you will then follow the signs to Kemerdere. The road becomes a gravel track but it shouldn’t give you any trouble.

When you reach the village you will see the lake. You might think that you have arrived at the wrong place but you havn’t. You need to park up here and follow a stony path downwards towards the sound of running water. You are descending into a valley in a forest of pine trees.

When you reach the bottom there is a small lake and the viaduct comes to view. This magnificent stone structure was built by the Romans to bring water to the city of Troy. You can still see the clay pipes in the stone structure if you get up close. The fact that this has survived is probably only due to its remote location. Despite this, is still gets a steady stream of visitors, and the locals who were very friendly and welcoming, explained that there might soon be funds available to provide proper facilities and walkways to this amazing arched stone structure.

Well, finally we are on our way home. As we head back to Pinabasi we decide to take a look at the dam by the large bridge just outside of the village. The lake on the other side of the dam and the river beyond it is tranquil and serene and a haven for wildlife.

Update. Thanks to the You Tube Channel “Near From Home” for providing this update showing how it has been restored since our first video.

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