Burhaniye is just off the coast, actually listed as a coastal town because it has a port. However, from the main Canakkale to Izmir highway the centre of the town is what we visit here in this video. Just like the rest of this entire stretch of Aegean coast it is known for its olive oil.

If you want the beach then, the beautiful long sandy beach at Ören is nearby, just a couple of miles or so out of town. Easy to get there by taxi or local dolmus. A dolmus is a minibus taxi. These are found all over Turkey and they are very cheap.

Burhaniye has had several names over the centuries. It was known as Taylı originally under the Ottomans and also as Kemer. It only became known as Burhaniye in 1920. The town is just 13 km from Edremit. There is very little information on the internet about Burhaniye but plenty about nearby Edremit. As towns go it is fairly modern, nicely laid out with some good recreational areas and plenty of shops and restaurants.

There are several old historical mosques in Burhaniye, the oldest of which is the  Mehmedemin Ağa Camisi (Memiş) which dates back to 1743. The town has a busy coach station with good access to all Turkey’s major cities.

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