You might struggle to find a lot of information about this particular Ören. Unlike some of the others that share its name this is a little less well known. Many people will miss it if they just take the main highway in and out of Bodrum. Whilst only 70 km from Bodrum it is an hour and a half away by car.

Situated in the Gokova Bay in the Milas district of the Muğla province, it used to be known as Gereme. In ancient times it was Keramos. The city walls and ruins of the temples of Keramos can be seen today. The ruins are inland a bit from the beach.

Ören has a pebbled beach and crystal clear waters in which to swim. The beach is adorned with colourful umbrellas and beach loungers and this pleasant little resort has all the facilities you would need for a calm and relaxing holiday. Surrounded by mountains, it is a delightful spot, and most of the tourists are either people who own holiday villas locally, or those in the know that return year on year.

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