Samos is not a very large island. It is however a lush green, calm and relaxing place, with good beaches and crystal clear waters. Getting here from Turkey is relatively straight forward because during the summer months there are two ferry routes operating every day from Kuşadası on the Turkish mainland. Taking a day trip over to Samos is very popular with tourists. Head for Pythagorean if you can. It caters for tourists bether than Vathi and has a much more authentic Greek feel to it.

Vathi, the capital is also worth visiting too but it is about half an hour away by car from Pythagorean. Some ferries go to Pythagorean and some to Vathi. Be mindful that Vathi is actually Samos town, the same name as the island itself, and road signs tend to say Samos rather than Vathi. In Vathi you have an Archaeological Museum and a Wine Museum that is worth visiting.

This island is just under 2 km in distance from Turkey. The ferry crossing takes around 40 minutes. The island has some very good restaurants and shopping facilities. Outside of the main towns there are vineyards where Muscat wine is produced and the landscape is dominated by two large mountains the Kerketeus and Ampelos. Samos is famous for being the birthplace Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathmetician.

The island can be quite windy so be prepared. Further afield you might want to take a look at the Heraion of Samos, a UNESCO World heritage site and the ruins of the ancient town of Samos. There are also caves, waterfalls and great beaches. Kokkari fishing village is the destination to head for withs it authentic cafes and tavernas. It can get quite busy in the evenings.

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