Torbalı is a district of İzmir Province of Turkey and famous as the location of the ancient Ionion city of Metropolis. Torbalı is just 45km from Izmir. The town is connected to İzmir by rail and Adnan Menderes Airport is just 30km away.

Torbalı is mainly an agricultural town, well known for its wines and close proximity to the ancient ruins at Metropolis. There is also a very good classic car museum here in the town. Known as the Key Museum, it boasts a collection of 130 classic cars, some 40 motorcycles, and hundreds of model cars.

Just outside the town at Yeniköy village are the ruins of Metropolis. Surprisingly this historic site receives very few visitors. It is still in a state of excavation. There are lots of stairs and steps here so be prepared to do some vigorous walking. The famous theatre, acropolis, civic buildings and rock tombs are all worth visiting and it pays to make the effort to explore everything leisurely and take your time to appreciate what it would have looked like in ancient times.

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