The port city of Ordu or Altınordu on the Black Sea coast used to be known in ancient times as Cotyora or Kotyora. Situated between Samsun and Trabzon and roughly a couple of hours drive from both, Ordu has a lot to offer. For many visitors the surrounding countryside and its natural beauty is what they will remember the most. The greenery of the forests, the valleys and rivers, the waterfalls, and the clear blue waters of the Black Sea, make this one of the most beautiful destinations in Turkey.

The city of Ordu and the surrounding area is famous for its hazlenut production. There is even a Golden Hazelnet Festival every year which is dedicated to the humble hazelnut. Turkey produces around 75% of the worlds hazelnuts and 60% of that comes from the Eastern Black Sea region which is mainly Ordu and the surrounding area.

Fishing and agriculture plays a big part in the economy of Ordu but tourism is growing rapidly year on year since the building of the new airport in 2015. Tourists can fly direct from Istanbul to Ordu in just under two hours with Pegasus Airlines. Around a million tourists descend on Ordu annually.

Ordu city and the province of Ordu have so much to offer historically and culturally. Whilst in the city be sure to take the cable car to Boztepe which is a famous hill and vantage point with some outstanding panoramic views of the countryside and coastline.

Ordu dates back to the 7th century BC and Roman times and then under the Seljuk Turks until the first Turkic tribe settled here in the 14th century AD. Ordu became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1461 when it was an important Ottoman Army camp. In fact, the meaning of the word Ordu is ‘Army’ and since 1869 the city has been called Ordu.

The city has an Ethnographic Museum and the Taşbaşı Cultural Centre. There are plenty of old houses in the old city centre that are worth visiting as well as several historic mosques. There are some excellent beaches nearby including the very popular Çaka Beach which is 26 km outside of the city limits. Ulugol Lake is also popular as are the waterfalls and numerous places of natural beauty. Two castles ( Kurul Castle and Unye Castle ) are within easy striking distance by car. For something completely different you should visit the famous Sagra chocolate factory which manufactures chocolate hazelnut products.

Ordu is ideal for exploring and hikers will enjoy the excellent camping facilities. Nature lovers will enjoy bird watching and botanical tours and during the winter months there is a ski centre at Cambasi. There is something for everyone at Ordu. You should allow a minimum of 3 days stop over to appreciate what this city and the province has to offer. Ideally you would need a week or more.

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