Amasra used to be known under its Greek name of Amastris. The attractive little town has some breathtaking panoramic views from the main road above the town and it is known for its picturesque beaches and scenery. Tourist flock to this town in the summer months. There are two island nearby called Great Island ( Büyük ada ) and Rabbit Island ( Tavşan Adası ). This lovely little gem of a port town is situated in the Black sea province of Bartın, a small province to the east of Zonguldak.

Amasra is an important archtectural town with a rich heritage. The Archaeological Museum is worth visiting and has exhibits of artifacts found in the sea and on land. The Amasra castle which was built in Roman times has walls built in the Byzantine period. Under the castle there is a tunnel under the castle that leads to a fresh water supply. The gate and keep of the castle were built by the Genoese and date back from the 14th and 15th centuries. The Republic of Genoa was a medieval and early modern maritime republic from the 11th century to 1797. It was very powerful and influential in this region. Now part of Italy the Genoes left their mark along this coastline.

The Fatih Mosque dates back to the 9th century AD when it was a Byzantine church. After Fatih Sultan Mehmet took control of Amasra in 1460 it was converted into a mosque. Another famous landmark is the Bird’s Rock Road Monument dating back to AD 41-54 and situated just outside the town.

The town used to be off the beaten track with very few foreign tourists. However this has all changed now. The seafood cuisine and good quality restaurants, pristine beaches and remote coves all contribute to this being a “must see” location

Hidden away from the world with almost no foreign tourists, Amasra is full of history, great seafood, and gorgeous remote beaches. Check out all the details about this Black Sea port town that might just become your next off-the-beaten path vacation spot.

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