Cunda Island

Alibey Island , known more commonly as Cunda Island.

The island of Cunda sometimes referred to as Alibey Island was known to the Greeks as Monschonisia ~ The perfumed Island. Today Cunda Island is a popular tourist destination with its old Greek style houses, boutique hotels and fine restaurants. The seafront promenade is the perfect place for an evening stroll and the gift shop markets are popular with souvenir seekers.

In 2011 we passed through here and took some photos of a dilapidated building which lay neglected and damaged by earthquakes and which would have been a Greek Othodox church. We took these photos. In 2012 this building had the good fortune to attract the attention of Rahmi M. Koc one of Turkeys most successful businessmen and due to his leasing the building for 49 years and fully restoring it to its original glory it opened in June 2014 as a museum of Industrial heritage. If you visit Cunda Island be sure to visit the Taksiyarhis Museum. You can find out more about this at which is in both Turkish and English.

The rest of this video shows you the interior of the building much as it might have been before it fell into ruin. Your entry fee helps support this important project.

Cunda Island has a typical Aegean resort town. It is easy to get there from Ayvalik by bus or by ferry services. There are frequent bus and ferry services to Cunda Island from the town center of Ayvalık.

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