Çandarlı is a coastal township that has its own municipality. Once a sleepy town with a few holiday villages it has expanded and is now well developed as a popular Turkish tourist resort. The town has a marina and some good restaurants and bars along the seafront around the castle area. There are also a couple of hotels and some guest houses.

The castle at Candarli has been restored and looks to be in very good condition. It would have provided protection against pirates. This 15th century Ottoman castle was rebuilt by the Grand Vizier Çandarlı Halil Pasha to protect Sultan Murat II who would often reside in the local area. It is a shame that it is generally closed to the public except for special occasions.

Just outside town there are numerous holiday villa sites which are packed with families during summer. There is a good beach right by the promenade which is also a Blue Flag Beach and just outside the town is the municipal beach or Belediye Plaj which was shown earlier.

Looking out from Candarli across the bay we can see in the distance the industrial centre of Aliaga. All the roads round here are being upgraded in preparation for the expansion of the new port which will be a transit port and main port for the city of Izmir. It promises to provide much needed employment and wealth to the economy of this region.

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