Erdek is both a town and district in the Marmara region. It is not far from Bandirma. Historically it was known under its Greek name Artaki. Erdek sits on a peninsula and used to be a favourite tourist destination for Istanbulites in the 1980’s. It is still quite popular and there are many holiday homes here.

Being just 20 minutes drive from Bandirma opens up access to the ferries operation from Istanbul to Bandirma. It is easy to get to by taxi or mini bus. Erdek is a traditional Turkish getaway location in an area of natural beauty with forests and clean air around it. There are several places to visit within easy reach of Erdek.

Island Of Zeytinli
This small island is so close to Erdek harbour that you could swim to it. It has remained closed for some years now while excavations continue. There have been some open days but you cannot visit it at the moment. This tiny island has some very old structures and Greek chapels and monasteries.

Cugra Beach
The golden sands of Çuğra Beach are also very popular and it is a blue flag beach which assures visitors of its cleanliness and clear waters. This tends to be a family beach with calm seas and is just 3 km from the centre of Erdek.

Erdek Ocaklar
Just 5km from the centre of Erek you have the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of Ocaklar. This is one of the favourite locations around Erdek and you can rent boats and go hiking. At Seyit Gazi Hill on the end of the beach you can watch the sun set over the horizon.

Paflima Bay
This is much further out of town, some 30 km in fact and it is more of an activity centre with plenty to do for the sports enthusiasts. It is located between the villages of Ilhanli Bay and Narli and offers a range of activities from quad bikes, hiking and sea craft.

Kyzikos ( Cyzicus )
The ancient city of Kyzikos about 8km along the road out of Erdek to Bandirma, is an ancient historical site that dates back to ancient times. The remains of the Hadrion Temple, ampitheatre and other buildings are to be found here. What strikes the visitor on entry to the site is the haphazard random nature of carefully crafted marble columns and plinths all dumped unceremoniously in a field awaiting attention and excavation.

Places to stay

Erdek Öğretmenevi,Sahil Mahallesi Ali Haydar Sarı Caddesi, Erdek. Tel: 0266 835 36 76.

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