Leyland Sherpa [ Levend TM30 ]

Visitors to Turkey might have noticed a very prominent Leyland Sherpa lookalike in villages and towns around the country. Mostly in a flat bed style rather than a van these vehicles are a legend in Turkey. They have been a huge success story over here and parts for these vehicles are readily available at a fraction of the cost of more modern vehicles. The flatbed pickups were suitably named Levend ( notice the similarity with Leyland ) and they were produced in their old shape right up until 1999 and then in the new format until 2009! Below is one of the Sherpa UK versions.

Ask any Turkish villager about the Levend. They are known for their durability, their strength and character and they are loved for their general ruggedness and capabilities as a good farming vehicle or city delivery truck. No one has a bad word to say about them and they are still revered and sought after. There is a very healthy second hand market for them in Turkey.

So, BMC lives on. It may no longer be British but just like Ashock Leyland both companies retain their pedigree and on reflection it is a great shame that the Leyland Sherpa was often ridiculed and lost ground to the Ford Transit when in reality, as proven in Turkey, it turned out to be something special with a long production span and a proud reputation. 

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