Welcome to Babakale. To get here you need to take the 8km single road from Gulpinar which is the only way of getting in and out. This obviously means that if you are on your way to Assos you have a 16 km diversion, but it is worth it.
Babakale is a small fishing village in the province of Canakkale, It is also the most westerly point of the Turkish mainland. This whole area is rich in history with some spectacular coastal views.
The Castle in Babakkale is pretty impressive. In 1723 Sultan Ahmet III sheltered here from a storm and was told by the villagers that they had no protection from pirates. He immediately issued a decree ordering that a castle should be built here. This was the last castle to be build in the Ottoman Empire era.
The castle has been restored and from its walls you can see the Greek island of Lesvos in the distance. Below you see the impressive marina, quite some size for a small village such as this.
The white building you see is the Latif Baba Mausoleum. The tomb of a seaman named Peksimetyemez Latif Baba. The main mosque in Babakkale is of historical importance. It was built in 1725 by Derya Mustafa Pasha and is definitely worth a visit.
Call in at the Babakkale Culture and Information Café where you can get some local food and drink. It is run by women from the village.
Today Babakale is a tourist village with some hotels, guest houses and restaurants. It is a quiet sleepy place to spend some time and watch the fishing boats coming in and out of the harbour.
Babakale is famous for its knives. There used to be many craftsmen here producing knives and swords for the Ottoman Empire. Today there are only two left and we managed to visit one of them. The knives are hand made in Babakale from quality steel with sheath handles from wood or horn.

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