Iskender – Bursa

Iskender – Bursa
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This is the home of the Iskender Kebab. The family can be traced back to Mehmet Oglu Iskender Efendi in 1860's and the Iskender sons who have kept the tradition alive. The Iskender Doner Kebab is well known in Turkish Cuisine and the world over. If you are visiting Bursa then it would be a great shame not to visit this prestigious establishment.

You know you are going to a special place the moment you set eyes on the elaborate wooden facade of the restaurant with its stained glass windows. Inside it gets even more interesting.

This is not the cheapest place to eat out in Bursa but it is probably one of the best. The food does not disappoint. The Iskender is served up as traditionally as it can be with delicious lashings of butter and salca on a beautifully baked pida bread coated with the meat itself.

I have to say that this is probably not the best Iskender I have had in Turkey but I can only think of two places that were better - one in Ankara and one in Istanbul and since taste is very much a personal thing I could be missing the orijinality and tradition of this special dish entirely.

The service was good and I would definately recommend Iskender to anyone visiting Bursa.

0224 221 46 15
Kayıhan Mah. (Kayhan Mah.), Ünlü Cad., No:7A, Osmangazi, Bursa.